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Hello September! No matter how old we are, September will always remind us of back to school shopping, first day of school outfits, and jitters. I used to plan my outfit at least a full month in advance- ok so maybe I was a little too fashion crazed back then! But seriously- I would get […]

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July Note: Why Bloggers should take breaks | It's a Sparkly Life

Oh hey! It’s been a while friends! I started off June with a bang and was committed to a new vision and direction for my blog and brand. Mid June I was gearing up for a family vacation and I decided to actually take a pause. Even though I was gung ho about this new […]

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June Letter | It's a Sparkly Life

These days it’s hard to scroll down your Instagram feed and not see Bloggers and Social Media Influencers talking about shadow bans and loss of engagement. People are not happy about the way Instagram is shaping up and I don’t blame them! While I whole heartedly agree with the general complaints , and trust me […]

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