Hello September!

No matter how old we are, September will always remind us of back to school shopping, first day of school outfits, and jitters. I used to plan my outfit at least a full month in advance- ok so maybe I was a little too fashion crazed back then! But seriously- I would get so excited over that first day of school outfit! It had to be just perfect- fashion forward but not too crazy. Colourful but not too in your face. Casual but still special.

These days September still brings about that feeling of new beginnings. And I still search for that perfect outfit for those events, meetings and trips! I’m loving the Lark & Ro line from Amazon. It’s a line just for Amazon prime members and has the cutest dresses, sweaters and tops for great prices. For the most part they’re all solid color and classic shapes- but still modern and perfect!

I fell in love with this dress. It’s the perfect work wrap dress, but in an unexpected color-one that I normally wouldn’t wear! The ruffles add a super girly and feminine touch even in a color like green. I’ll definitely be wearing this to events and to even some meetings, albeit paired with flats instead.

In the age of neutrals, it’s the perfect power dress to stand out in!


And speaking of September, I am so glad that it is here. While I will always prefer summer to any season, August wasn’t the best month for me.

While I’m not ready to quite chat about it yet, it definitely was a chaotic and stressful month for me. I’d pretty much fallen behind on every aspect of my life due to this- from emails, to phone calls to friends to time with family. Everything just kind of fell apart a bit and I am planning on using September as a new beginning. Rest assured everything is ok, just personal things that I will at some point share!!

I have an amazing experience coming up next week- like I am so excited to share it with you guys! And Ara and I are chatting about taking a week off to head out west for some relaxation and fun.

In terms of house stuff, we might also actually be done furnishing our house this month too. Who would have thought after three years 😉 We do want to get a few built ins made and those may have to wait a little longer (have you ever gotten a quote for a built in? it’s not a pretty thing!), but in terms of rugs and tables and all that fun stuff, I think we may be wrapping it up! Get ready for some fun home pieces coming your way soon!

September is also proving itself to be my most successful financial month for my business as well- something that I am proud of and excited for! One campaign in particular was a total pinch me moment. You can bet I’ll be screaming it from the roof tops when it goes live so no need to stay tuned-you’ll hear me loud and clear!! This is also incredibly satisfying with all of the nonsense going on with social media likes and followers. It just goes to prove that if you stay the course and move slow and steady, good things will come your way.

All in all, September looks to be a huge departure from last month and for that I am so excited. Stay tuned on Instagram for next week’s fun projects and for more home updates! And keep scrolling for some of my favourite picks from the Lark & Ro line– their dresses are so perfect for work and events!



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As always, opinions are my own!

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