I’m so excited to finally share with you all a few sneak peeks of our home! It took quite some time for us to get to this point- two years of renovations and several months of waiting for furniture to get delivered!! While we are still finishing things up decor wise, I couldn’t be more excited to share a few snaps of what things are beginning to look like. I’m also happy to share with you one of our new favourite household gadgets- the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Link. It’s key to purifying the air in our house, as well as for all our temperature needs! Scroll down for more and stay tuned for a full reveal coming up soon!!

Living Room:

As much as I love colour, our home is full of neutrals. The living room in particular is full of shades of grey, chrome finishes and white! Up next for this room? Some lights for the side tables and a beautiful painting on top of the couch.


Dining Room:

If you follow along on Insta stories you’ve seen my struggle for the dining room sideboard! We finally settled on this one and couldn’t be happier! Our rug just got in this week too! What’s left? Just some decor pieces for on top. I’m most happy with our large and in charge light fixture- we almost got the smaller size but thankfully decided to go with this one instead.

dyson-home-decor dyson-appliances

Family Room:

We’ve done the most in the family room since my last update! We got this gorgeous coffee table and the fluffiest rug! Up next is a media unit which fingers crossed will get delivered this week as well. After that? Just some artwork and photos to frame! We’ll eventually also put in some custom bookshelves.

Since we spend most of our time in the family room, it made sense to place the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Link here! It’s great for controlling the temperature of just that room, and also making sure that over 99 percent of allergens and pollutants are removed from the air. Like I said, we spend the majority of our time here so it seemed like the best fit! The Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Link has cooling capabilities in the summer months and can evenly heat an entire room in the winter- when you’re two people with different temperature needs this is key!!

But the most important feature is definitely the fact that it keeps pollutants in check. Did you guys know that indoor air pollution can be up to five times worse than the air outside?! Between pollen, dust, household odours and all those other things we don’t like to think exist inside our pristine and clean homes, there are a lot of harmful particles roaming around. The Pure Hot & Cool Link also rates your air quality at home- full disclosure, you might be surprised at the results!

dyson-Pure-hot-cool-link Dyson-appliances

I love how seamless it fits into our home as well- it’s definitely not an eye sore and instead blends perfectly with our neutral décor. Best of all, it’s light enough that you can transport it from room to room. The pollutants in the air bother me most during the winter so I’m so excited to bring it on upstairs! FYI things like fireplaces, wood stoves and all those extra cars in the winter make air quality even worse than usual in the colder months! I definitely feel the difference and need a purifier in my bedroom to sleep better!

Master Bedroom:

Our bedroom is finally almost finished! I decided to give the male in the house a little love and picked out this gorgeous blue tufted bench. I’m just looking for some throw pillows to add in, and possibly some art for the wall behind the bed. I’m only sharing a few sneak peeks of this one because I’m not quite done figuring it out yet!

Stay tuned for the final Room reveals coming up soon in the next few months! I can’t wait to share them with you!

Thank you to Dyson for partnering up with me on this post- as always opinions are my own! #dysonair

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