The thought of working from home conjures up images of pjs, unlimited coffee + snacks and the ability to pretty much do what you want. ‘Oh you work from home?’ people ask. ‘That must be amazing, you’re so lucky!’. And while it’s definitely a dream to work from home- a routine is needed asap to actually be able to get work done. Working in your pjs isn’t the best for productivity, nor is watching Gilmore Girls reruns in the background. Today I’m sharing five tools that I utilize to work better and more efficiently.

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1. Time Cube
I had kept hearing about time cubes and how amazing they are. I obviously had to try for myself and after using my iPhone timer for way too long, I got myself this time cube from Amazon. First off, I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. It’s well priced, compact and perfect. They help you work harder and more efficiently. For example, it’s easy to set aside 30 minutes to write emails in the am, or 30 minutes to do social media planning. But that 30 minute turns into an hour real fast- between texts, phone calls and losing yourself on Instagram, a 30 minute task turns into 2 hours and you’ve barely actually gotten anything done. Story of my life. The time cube keeps you focused and alert to the task at hand.

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2. Agenda
I’m a huge list maker and calendar lover. And not the electronic kinds- I need to see it in front of me with pen and paper. I’ve tried a bunch of agendas in the past and these Kate Spade ones are just perfect. They have plenty of space to take notes, are great quailty and just plain pretty. I use the month view to make note of events and deadlines and then use the week view to create to do lists for myself.

3. The right pen
Give a girl a good pen and she can run the world. That’s what I think at least! Since I love to write, a good pen is so key. Something that glides easily and makes writing a breeze. The last thing you want is a pen that doesn’t glide smoothly because that just interrupts the whole process. These Poppin pens are the best. And I love how chic and stylish they look. I have the all white ones and they are my favourite desk accessory! They come in pretty much every color too.

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4. Notebooks
I find creating lists and coming up with concepts and ideas for the future content are key for my productivty and so a good notebook is always a must. What’s a good notebook? Something lined, with a spiral that’s easy to turn. These notebooks are always a go to for me! And they’re cute enough to throw in your purse for a meeting!

5. Five Minute Journal
Another journal!? Yes! But this one has a different purpose entirely. This journal guides you into focusing on what you’re grateful for and helps you live your life with more intention and purpose. Pretty lofty goals for a notebook, right?! By taking that 5 minutes in the beginning of your day to really focus on what you’re grateful, you can really achieve so much more out of your day. Working from home has been a blessing for me, but it’s also become so easy for me to lose focus and get distracted. The Five Minute Journal helps get all my ducks in a row at the beginning of the day and really get my day going.

Work from home? What tools do you use to be more productive?

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