Great gift ideas for the guy in your life- all of which can be still ordered for Christmas delivery! Best of all? They’ve been hand picked by Ara!

Who better than a guy to tell you what gifts to get for the guy in your life?! I thought it would be fun to do things a little differently today, so with that I’m handing the reigns over to Ara. He’s going to share a few of his gift ideas. Luckily these are all available on, and you can order them still in time for the holidays! Read on for his picks and happy holidays!


Happy Holidays Ladies, as Gigi mentioned, I am taking over the blog for the next few lines. Before reading on, go to your boyfriend/husband’s wallet, get his credit card out, log on to your Amazon account and happy shopping.


1. Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater:
She is hot, I am cool.. need I say more? Jokes aside, we have central air in an older house which doesn’t heat/cool evenly so this product solves our problem. I wish it existed when I lived in an apartment and wasn’t “allowed” to control the temperature. Would have come in handy in april and October.

2. Braun Series 9 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver
It’s sleek and attractive just like me but more importantly I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t give me RAZOR BURN which is one of the most important things in an Shave. It’s not budget friendly but you get what you pay for. Ladies as an added bonus of gifting this, you won’t find annoying stubble on your man’s face when cuddling up.

3. UGG Men’s Slippers
It’s like warm apple pie for your feet! Slip into these and Slide down to your Man cave. My first pair lasted 6 years and I got another pair last year for Christmas and my feet are looking forward to the next 6 years.

* Gigi’s note: I got him both pairs so I think I deserve a pat on the back! Seriously guys, he wore the first ones to death- like the lining was completely finished!

4. Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling

If you don’t have a Man Cave, these headphones will provide you a virtual one. If your boyfriend has selective hearing these won’t help your fights, but they are a must if he travels a lot.

5. Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
If I am not going to change the world, I want to know as much as possible about the man who is. It’s an easy read and a great stocking stuffer. Upside, while he is reading, you are in charge of the remote which means more episodes of The Real Housewives of XYZ.

6. Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine
Everyone wants to be a barista these days, Indulge his urge and let him practice his Latte Art by making you a Skinny Vanilla whatever it’s called that you can post on Instagram.

Gigi’s note: We have not one but two functioning espresso machines- however there seems to always be a need to upgrade! Ara has been fixated on this one as of late!

7. Majestic Men’s Waffle Kimono Robe
You are not Christian Grey? This robe will make you feel like him. Wearer beware, once you take it off, your beer belly might reappear, so keep it on as long as possible.

Gigi’s note: I feel like men don’t really buy themselves robes but once they put it on they’re obsessed! We are always on the hunt for hotel quality ones and this is a good find for the price!

8. NIVEA MEN Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam
As mentioned earlier, I have sensitive skin and if you are not going to cough up the $ for the Braun Razor, the least you can do is get him this shaving foam! Yes its $20 but you spend more than that on eyeliner!!

Thanks to for sponsoring this post! Hope you guys liked Ara’s takeover- If there are ever any topics you want him to cover, I’d love to put him to work so comment away!

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