I’m a huge online shopper- I actually prefer it to shopping in store. Why? Because I feel like there are so many more bargains to be had. No pushy sales people. And lots more options for colors and sizes! Plus I love the feeling of getting a brand new item straight from the warehouse! There’s something even more new about it 😉 I realize that a lot of people still get scared placing that online order, so today I’m chatting about how I shop smarter online with Amazon, in particular with handbags!! Read on for the tips and more details about this adorable straw bag that’s so on trend right now! Spring 2017 Handbag trends: The straw bag | It's a Sparkly Life

Online Handbag Shopping Checklist: 5 Steps

  • 1. Check the dimensions
    Don’t play it ear by ear and go by the picture. Take out that tape measure and see how the bag sizes up compared to one you already have! This will limit any surprises you may encounter when unboxing your purchase!
  • 2. Make sure to read the full description!
    I’m always shocked by how many people complain about items they’ve received online. Most of them seem to complain about things that are so clearly stated in the description. Taking 30 seconds to read the full description is going to save you a lot in the long run! From product materials to the number of pockets- the details are usually pretty thorough!!
  • 3. Check other images
    I always do this! Sometimes the bag can come in multiple colors that are very close to each other. Sites like Amazon usually have several pictures displaying the different colors, so once again there are no surprises!
  • Cute straw summer bags for under $20 | It's a Sparkly Life

  • 4. Price check
    I’m a bargain shopper and I don’t care who knows it! Do your homework and see how much the bag can cost elsewhere. is a great resource for this as they usually have great discounts on bags. I love a good Rebecca Minkoff and they always have tons of them for crazy discounts!! I’m currently crushing over this one for work. They also have tons of other designer bags at low prices like this swoon worthy Kate Spade pink number.
  • 5. Check shipping times and costs
    Once again, it’s all about not being surprised. If you head to the checkout page, you can usually get a better sense of costs and timing. Make sure to go as far as you possibly can in the checkout process without having to click purchase. This should give you the best up to date info on shipping times and costs! If you’re a Prime member you are even luckier as a lot of handbags ship within 2 days.

Straw bags for under $20 | It's a Sparkly Life

Now onto the matter at hand- this adorable straw bag that is just the cutest. Everyone is sporting these this spring and I say, why spend a fortune on one when you can get this for under $20!? It’s structured, has the cutest lining and fits quite a bit (cellphone, sunglasses, keys and some day to day makeup!) It also comes in a bunch of colors like this pink. I hate spending a ton of money on trendy seasonal bags so this was a key purchase for me!! Make sure to head on over to to check out their massive handbag collection– did you guys know that they have the largest selection of handbags in Canada? And keep scrolling for some of my favourite designer handbag picks!

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      May 13, 2017 at 10:04 am (8 months ago)

      Yes! Stores always have such limited selection. Online all the way!! xx


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