It finally feels like spring here and I couldn’t be more excited. Our coats are packed away, boots put in storage, and the winter tires are off! I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little sluggish around this time- perhaps it’s the marathon movie sessions that come with winter in Canada, a shortage of Vitamin D or just the lack of moving around because of the snow. There’s something about the winter than can be so draining on your body and your soul! Today I’ll be sharing with you three super easy changes I’m making to jumpstart my spring and lose that flat in my life:

3 ways to get spring ready | It's a Sparkly Life

  • 1. Hydration
    While we all know hydration is key, the cold weather tends to have us gravitating towards those warmer beverages like coffee and hot chocolate! Now that spring is finally here, I’m making sure I get my water intake up stat. Sparkling water is probably my favourite way to do so. I’m all kinds of obsessed with the new SodaStream FIZZI sparkling water maker. Besides the fact that it’s so gorgeous looking (fits perfectly with my kitchen, just saying!) it’s also the easiest way to have some sparkling water at a moment’s notice.

    All you do is fill the provided SodaStream container with regular tap water (or filtered if you like!!) and then just press down on the top button. Three taps and you are all set! I like to add fresh fruits and herbs to my sparkling water for an extra kick.

    It’s the easiest and tastiest way for me to up my water intake. Plus what’s better for you than water? Being hydrated is essential to getting that energy up, which is just what I need after our long winter.

  • 3 ways to get spring ready with SodaStream Canada | It's a Sparkly Life

  • 2. Breakfast
    I’m definitely guilty of always grabbing a croissant or a bagel when I’m in a rush. Not the best for energy or for your waistline! This spring I’m all about meal prep, especially for breakfast. I’ve recently started making my smoothie bowls ahead of time and just keeping them in the fridge. When it’s time for breakfast, just pour in a bowl and add your toppings!
  • Getting ready for spring with SodaStream Canada | It's a Sparkly Life

  • 3. Walking
    It’s so easy to get stuck driving, especially after the winter. I use the step counter that’s on my iPhone to hold myself accountable. Most of us have smart phones, so why not use the features that they come with?! Make a goal for yourself and stick with it. I aim for 10,000 a day, not including my workouts. Since I work from home, it can be hard sometimes to get it all in, but I know those steps will have me feeling so much better.

These are such easy things to incorporate into your life, no matter how busy you are. A little hydration, a little moving around and some good food are all you need to bounce back after winter and lose that flat in your life!

For more information about the new SodaStream FIZZI and for retail providers, please check out their website here!

Thank you to SodaStream Canada for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions are my own!

Three easy ways to get spring ready | It's a Sparkly Life Getting spring ready with SodaStream Canada | It's a Sparkly Life Getting spring ready with SodaStream Canada | It's a Sparkly Life

Adding more water to your daily schedule : Easy ways to get spring ready with It's a Sparkly Life Spring ready : Hydration, Healthy Eating and Counting those steps | It's a Sparky Life 3 easy ways to get refreshed for spring | It's a Sparkly Life

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