Summertime requires a whole other arsenal of beauty products. Between muggy weather, days spent in the sun and hours spent fixing unruly hair, our beauty products change drastically. Today I’m sharing a few summer staples that have become fast favourites. Read on for the scoop!


For a deep conditioner that won’t weight you down: Kérastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Conditioner

I style my hair way more in the summer just for the pure fact that I have to wash my hair more often. When the weather is humid my hair will look highly questionable within an hour at most 😉 Which means it’s back to the tools to fix it up! I love this conditioner because it’s not too heavy of a product yet manages to nourish my hair. It goes on very light and has more of a lotion consistency than a deep conditioner. It doesn’t weigh down your hair and smells amazing!

Beauty Summer Essentials to try : Rose Body Wash | It's a Sparkly Life

The perfect body wash after a day in the sun: Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Wash

If you love being in the sun like me, you’re going to love this body wash! It’s so calming on the skin and leaves you feeling soft and refreshed. It literally feels like a dream after a day on the beach! And even better, Dr. Hauschka products are made with ingredients that are farmed organically. They actually even have their own farm that they create their own ingredients on- pretty rare this day and age!

Beauty Summer Essentials to try : Rose Body Wash | It's a Sparkly Life



For those perfect soft lips: Fresh Sugar Products

I’ve chatted before about how I love Fresh, and these products are definitely up there on that list. My lips tend to get dry twice a year: Once in the dead of the winter, and once in the dead of the summer. Between days in the sun, dehydration and too many drinks on the patio, my lips definitely need a little TLC and these products are key. The Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm helps prep the lips and lock in moisture, while the Sugar Tinted Lip treatments always give that perfect hint of color.

For soft summer legs: BeautyCounter Body Oil

Despite what you may think, a body oil can actually be helpful in the summer months. I use it after the shower to sooth and smooth my legs after a day in the sun. It goes on easy, smells amazing and adheres with BeauyCounter’s philosophy of creating clean beauty products. A little goes a long way with this oil and it definitely does not weigh you down in the warm weather. It’s light in texture and you really just can’t beat the smell!




A lighter alternative to foundation: Jouviance Custom Coulour Booster

I don’t wear a ton of foundation in the summer because I feel I don’t need to. I love the look of a summer glow and don’t want to weight it down or hide it with heavy products. I adore this colour booster as you can just add it into your sunscreen or moisturizer. It tints the cream and gives you just that touch of coverage that you may still seek.

For a super quick eyebrow touchup: Diorshow Brow Styler Brow Pencil

As mentioned above, I’m not huge on heavy makeup during the summer. That includes my eyebrows! This Dior pencil has become my new favoruite eyebrow tool. I find it comes on more like a powder, letting you fill seamlessly without looking streaky or too penciled in. It’s really hard to mess up your brows with this tool making it perfect for those last minute beauty routines, that are so key in the summer!
If you remember with my chat with Wonderblush a few posts back, Melanie had recommend I use powders over pencils. I really found this pencil so light and easy to apply- no harsh lines. It works just as effectively as my eyebrow shadows which is why I feel happy to suggest it as an alternative!

Summer Beauty Routines: Dior Beauty Eyebrow Pencil : It's a Sparkly Life



Any summer beauty picks I’m missing? Comment Below with your picks!


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